Project #3


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Valledoro is an italian and historical family run business, based in Brescia and founded in 1954 when Zubani Family, whose core is yeasted production. After a period of substantial stasis, Zubani family, relaunched the business some years ago, with the introduction of an innovative product for fast breaks: an innovative bread-stick covered with a thick chocolate covering named Zulù. Bello Design was involved in the communication project by the agency DoroCatrame, head of Valledoro communication management. The idea Bello purposed was to develop a 3D cartoon in with the Zulù breadstick is transformed into a superhero able to save people in the moments they need a break. “The sweet lightheartedness of a break” is the fil-rouge and the emotion onto Bello built the idea of the cartoon itself. This effect has been given by a close step storytelling, design and animation.